Batik workshop in local school

 My son's lovely Primary school becomes a little "University" each term. How that works is the pupils choose a course and these range from Karate to Cookery, History to Recording Radio Shows. The courses change every half term and they get the opportunity to sample these  amazing new experiences provided by staff, support staff and visitors! The children use the word 'University' in their everyday vocabulary and it becomes part of every pupils timetable on a Friday afternoon. Brilliant eh! 

I offered my help in the Batik class this term. As an illustrator working mostly on my lonesome, it's a joy to spend a few hours with these lovely pupils, helping them gain confidence with their drawing and keeping them safe from the hot materials used in Batik. 


The work turned out well!! They created some beautiful pieces of their own and this is the big piece that we worked on together. And I'm always chuckling at year 3 and 4's funny comments and ideas. They're very inspiring.