Ruby the Duckling Easter Drawing Competition

Jonathan Emmett and I have self published the Ruby the Duckling series after Macmillan Children's Books took them out of print. We made this decision because we are still receiving wonderful letters from people all over the world who love these books and want to continue buying them. 

They are selling quietly in the background and we are rather pleased with the response!

This Easter, we wanted to raise Ruby's profile again - particularly as it's the season of eggs and all things fluffy and yellow! We decided on a drawing competition where the winner would be picked  randomly! (A huge relief not to judge the 'best' drawing as I loved all of the applicants and would find it impossible!!) 

The response was brilliant! We had over 20 children applying. These are just a handful....


The winner was young Ethan Etherington and we sent this to him;


an original Ruby painting, signed by Jonathan and myself. We may run some more Ruby competitions in the future.