The Ruby Duckling Series

Meet brave little Ruby, the smallest of five ducklings. This is a warm and reassuring story encouraging children to discover the world at their own pace.Written by children's author Jonathan Emmett.


Ruby Flew Too!

The first of the Ruby adventures where the tiny duckling hatches out of her little blue egg.
Ruby does things a bit slower than her brothers and sisters but in her own time we see her grow into a young adult and spread her beautiful wings.

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ISBN: 1405051620

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read by Tamsin Greig
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This Way Ruby!

Ruby uses her steady, more thoughtful pace to work out the way home when her and her siblings get lost. A dramatic thunderstorm and winding waterways make things very difficult for them all. Can Ruby find the way? or have they gone too far?

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ISBN: 0230706452

Also available: Book and CD Pack
read by Tamsin Greig
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Go For It Ruby!

Ruby meets Errol, a funny little gosling, stuck in the reeds. Together they go in search of the mysterious "Golden Pool" but on their way home they have to contend with a huge waterfall that could sweep them over the edge!

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ISBN: 0230707386

Topsy Turvy Theatre proudly presents Ruby Flew Too! based on the delightful book by Jonathan Emmett, illustrated by Rebecca Harry. Follow one small duckling's journey to find her feet...all in her own time. Adapted for the stage by Claire Alizon Hills. Music by James Boston.